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Archive / 2017

Snake and Tick Season

Spring seems to have started early this year!! We've had some lovely warm days in August - perfect weather for the adult ticks to emerge and the snakes to start their breeding season! As the wea...
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Queen's Birthday Holiday

We will be closed this coming Monday for the Queen's Birthday. It's not Mia's real birthday, but she is very satisfied that everybody is having a holiday in her honour.... ;) (shhhh... We ...
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Operation Wanted Roundup

Operation Wanted has wound up for another year. We desexed a total of 70 animals during the scheme this year. If you want the full breakdown, we desexed:
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Operation Wanted 2017

Have you seen the advertisements going around for the D-53X upgrade for dogs and cats and wondered what that was all about? Operation Wanted is on again this year, which means we are giving 20% off th...
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New laws for breeding dogs

This month the Queensland Government has introduced new laws regarding the breeding of puppies. These laws will apply to all puppies born after the 26th of May 2017. What do the new laws mean? If ...
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Easter Dangers (3 of 3): Lilies

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, lilies don’t naturally bloom at this time of year. However, by using greenhouses and various clever techniques, horticulturalists have managed to force some...
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Easter Dangers (2 of 3): Raisins

We still don’t know an awful lot about the toxin in grapes, currants and raisins. We only have a rough idea of what the toxic dose is, with doses as low as 2.8g of raisins per kg bodyweight bein...
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Easter Dangers (1 of 3): Chocolate

Happy Easter! We hope everyone, including our furry family members, enjoy the holiday, which means we need to make sure our pets are kept safe. Many Easter treats pose a danger to our furry companions...
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Welcome to our new website! It’s all very exciting. We’ve tried to make it a bit more user-friendly. Please take a look around and if you have any ideas or suggestions, you’re more t...
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