• Here to help your pets

    Kingaroy Veterinary Surgery has been helping South Burnett pet and animal owners since 1987. Our vets know this region inside out. And we're here to help you.

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  • Keep your pet healthy

    We provide a full range of services to help keep your pet or farm animals in tip-top shape. Healthy pet foods and regular vaccinations are just the start.

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  • Your pets deserve the best care

    Your pet isn't acting quite right but you're not sure what's wrong. Should you call your vet or wait a few days? Find out if you should call us right now or not.

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About Our Surgery

The Kingaroy Veterinary Surgery was established in 1987. We're a modern veterinary practice and we look after all creatures furred, feathered or scaled.

Our clients are domestic and exotic pets, farm animals and Australian native wildlife.

We understand how important animals are to their owners or carers, and we provide a full range of services to help keep them happy, healthy and in top condition.

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Our Services

Animals need regular care and attention to stay healthy. We can supply a range of treatments that will prevent your animals falling prey to a number of common conditions.

In the South Burnett, these can include fleas and ticks (all animals); heartworm (dogs); and Hendra virus (horses).

Our modern surgery has a full range of diagnostic tools that let us quickly zoom in on what's wrong with your animal and treat it quickly and effectively.

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Pet Tips

How do you know when you should phone a vet? How do you look after a dog? A cat? A horse?

If you've never owned a pet before, our articles can provide a wealth of useful information about how to care for your pet properly; discuss some of most common problems that pets run into; and tell you what to do if they arise.

We hope our library can help you find answers to the questions many pet owners have, and help you care for your pet the best way possible.

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